Banish the kettle with our Cold Brew Iced Tea & Infusions – ideal for steamy summer days. Simply steep the teabag in cold water for a few minutes, and relish a cool and delicious drink. Containing no added sugars or sweeteners, our collection includes black and green tea blends. Explore the range.

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    Peach & Passion Fruit Cold Brew Iced Tea - Teabags

    Our Peach & Passion Fruit Cold Brew is the easy way to keep happily hydrated. We’ve taken one of our most popular teas – Peach and Passion Fruit Flavoured Black Tea – and created this even cooler version. Add a little excitement to chilled water with this popular fruit combination. It makes for a crisp and mellow infusion to leave you feeling refreshed and revived.

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    Lemon & Lime Cold Brew Iced Tea - Teabags

    With Lemon & Lime Twist being one of our most popular fruity black teas, we had to make a Cold Brew version too. Bringing the zesty zing of lemon and limes to pure Kenyan black tea, this lovely infusion adds a fantastic fruitiness to chilled water. Just add a bag to your H2O and you’re good to go!



From our classic black blends and much-loved bestsellers, to balanced infusions and delicious cold brews, there is a cup of Ahmad Tea to suit everyone, any time of the day. Explore our ranges.

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