Our Tea Collections encapsulate our passion, creativity and steadfast belief in the magic of our Tea Artistry. Our founding principle has been to stake our reputation on the quality of our tea. It is that commitment to excellence, paired with consistency, that has enabled us to deliver impeccable aroma and flavour, time and time again. We are proud to offer you delicious blends and delightful infusions in our sublime Tea Collections.

Explore our Black Teas, Green Teas, Fruit Teas, Cold Brew Teas, Promotional Items and Seasonal Gifts Collections now.

Black Teas红茶

Black tea is loved the world over – and for good reason. There’s a black tea for any and every occasion, from a sophisticated afternoon tea to your comforting everyday brew. Our classic blends come in teabags and loose leaf, with a decaff option too. Explore the range.


Green Teas绿茶

Green tea has been grown and enjoyed in China for over 5,000 years. The leaves retain their vibrant colour because, unlike black tea, they are not allowed to oxidise. Cherished for their antioxidant properties and fragrant flavour, our green teas are delicious anytime of the day. Explore the range.


Fruit Teas果味茶

We combine our quality black tea with the zesty sweetness of mouth-watering fruit to transport you. Exotic fruits evoke tropical climes; juicy berries speak of English summertime. Each blend is made with real fruit pieces plus our signature flavouring and are equally delicious hot or chilled down to make iced tea. Explore the range.


Cold Brew Iced Teas冷泡茶

Banish the kettle with our Cold Brew Iced Tea & Infusions – ideal for steamy summer days. Simply steep the teabag in cold water for a few minutes, and relish a cool and delicious drink. Containing no added sugars or sweeteners, our collection includes black and green tea blends. Explore the range.


Seasonal Gifts季节性的礼物

Our tea selection packs are specially curated collections of our most beloved blends. These tea variety packs are perfect for all tea drinkers – from longstanding tea lovers looking to discover fresh flavours to new tea drinkers wanting an introduction to tea. Our tea selection packs bring together the very best of Ahmad Tea and make a thoughtful tea gift.



Brew, serve and enjoy your favourite Ahmad Tea blend with our range of tea equipment and accessories. We’ve got something for every tea moment – whether you’re hosting an elegant afternoon tea party with a statement teapot and matching tableware or just fancy a fun mug for everyday cuppas.



Ahmad Tea is delighted to have won 10 gold stars at the 2020 Great Taste Awards. Find out which blends won.

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Our Tea Taster, Dominic Marriott, and an afternoon tea expert explore how to make the best afternoon tea at home.

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From selecting the finest teas that go into Ahmad Tea blends to checking those blends are up to scratch, our team of Tea Tasters are crucial to maintaining a top quality product. Here’s an insight into art of Tea Tasting at Ahmad Tea HQ.

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Exploring the history, geography, culture and production of tea in Japan.

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Renowned as the epitome of Englishness, the cup of tea has a rich tradition in the British Isles. But there are many other countries where tea history goes back much further, where tea customs are very different to those of the British. Here we take a look at the history and traditions of some tea-loving cultures.

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Arguably the best known of the teas to come out of Japan, matcha has found its way into a variety of foods and beverages. Although relatively new in Western countries, this vibrant green tea powder has been enjoyed in Japan for over 800 years and is used for the meditative, elaborate Japanese tea ceremony.

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For obvious reasons Tea Tasters at Ahmad Tea HQ are some of the most envied people in the organisation. And never were they more so than in late August when they took a trip to the spectacular region of Assam in northern India to visit some of the world’s top tea estates. Here are some notes from their Tea Travels.

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Having such a unique and interesting profession makes Ahmad Tea’s Tea Tasters quite a hit at dinner parties (if they do say so themselves)

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Our African Tea journey arrives in Uganda, a country that has overcome political turmoil to become Africa’s second largest tea producing country.

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