Green tea has been grown and enjoyed in China for over 5,000 years. The leaves retain their vibrant colour because, unlike black tea, they are not allowed to oxidise. Cherished for their antioxidant properties and fragrant flavour, our green teas are delicious anytime of the day. Explore the range.

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    Green Tea - Teabags

    Green Tea Pure is our classic green tea expression. A blend of carefully-sourced quality Chinese teas, it offers the perfect balance between cleansing dried grass notes and soothing toasted flavours. Take a sip and feel both calmed and uplifted at the same time.

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    Jasmine Romance Green Tea - Teabags

    Jasmine Romance offers green tea lovers a truly sophisticated cuppa. Infusing specially selected Chinese green tea with pure jasmine blossoms, this fragrant botanical brew soothes and transports with its exotic charms.

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    Mint Mystique Green Tea - Teabags

    Soothing Chinese green tea and cool, refreshing mint are a timeless match. For those who like their green tea with a little extra oomph, our Mint Mystique is the perfect choice. It’s a brew that both invigorates and calms in one cup, garden-fresh with a clean, invigorating lift.

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    Lemon Vitality Green Tea - Teabags

    Lemon Vitality combines the soft, grassy flavours of Chinese green tea with an invigorating twist of zesty lemon. This fruity expression offers all the benefits of our much-loved green tea with an energising, citrus lift.



From our classic black blends and much-loved bestsellers, to balanced infusions and delicious cold brews, there is a cup of Ahmad Tea to suit everyone, any time of the day. Explore our ranges.

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